About Us


Welcome! We are The Millers.  By day we work normal jobs like normal folks and by night we don our aprons and make scrumptious peanut butter.  We have two wonderful sons and three just-as-wonderful dogs that fill our home. 

Over the last few years, we've fallen in love with creating something out of nothing.  Three years ago, we purchased 33 acres of long-forgotten land at the edge of city limits in our small town and created a pumpkin patch known as Autumn Acres Family Farm.  We cleared the land, built a barn, remodeled the old farmhouse, and brought in a gaggle of farm animals that you might recognize from our jar labels: a handful of Highland cattle, several Kunekune pigs, a dozen Miniature Silky Fainting Goats, and two Colorado Mountain Dogs to keep watch over the other animals.  Once our second son was born and our new venture into the world of peanut butter took flight, we realized just how busy we were and were faced with a tough decision.  Ultimately, we decided to hang up our boots and sold our farm in order to spend more time with our family and invest our full efforts into Udderly Nuts.  While we no longer own our farm friends, you will still see them on our labels as they hold a special place in our heart.

We stumbled across a peanut grinder and were blown away by how much better fresh peanut butter tastes than store-bought brands.  From there, the toddler in our life helped us to create our first few flavors: Milk Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and Three-Ring Circus.  It has been a flavor adventure since then and we continue to experiment with different mix-ins.

Our peanut butter is made fresh upon order in small batches with quality ingredients. We design, draw, and print our own labels with our former farm animals front and center. Our products are truly made with love and we hope you enjoy them! Thank you for supporting small business!

The Millers (Stephen, Talia, Macklin, and Griffyn)